wsbtackle - Wholesale Fishing Tackle


WSB Tackle supply a large range of fishing hooks.

Our range of fishing hooks are designed for each specific disipline and we are always looking to increase our ranges as the trends change.

These fishing hooks are top quality and at present they include:

WSB HD Uptides from sizes 10/0 to size 1s. These are a forged hook with a super sharp point, wide gape and small eye.

WSB Black Aberdeens from sizes 6/0 to size 4s. These are chemically sharpened and are a strong fine wire black Aberdeen pattern.

WSB Baitholders from sizes 4/0 to 4s. These are designed to hold the bait firmly on the hook with the two retaining barbs on the shank to stop the bait from sliding off.

WSB Barbless Eyed from sizes 4s to size 18s. These are a top quality barbless eyed hook that is suitable for all mixed fisheries.

WSB Barbless Hook-to-Nylon from sizes 10s to size 18s. A bronze carbon steel barbless hook tied to top quality monofilament.

WSB Barbless Paste Hair Rigs from sizes 6s to size 14s. These monofilament hair rigs come complete with a spiral coil attached to the hair for attaching paste, bread or meats.

Whatever type of fishing hook you are looking for we should have the one that suits you.